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Anastasia Dyakovskaya

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

A designer’s eye, social media expertise, and over a decade of experience in the world of publishing and content creation. B2B - tech - brands - travel - lifestyle

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The Value of Mission-Driven Content Marketing

Standing out in our content marketing efforts is an increasingly difficult task in a world saturated with ads, videos, blogs, campaigns, and images. Quality content rises to the top, and content with a mission goes even further.

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Content Marketing Personalization: 4 Brands’ Winning Tactics

Mass marketing is becoming a thing of the past. Today, the more customized a product or brand can be, the better. But although personalization has been a buzzword in the content marketing industry for some years, how many companies have realized its full potential?

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How Monster's Margaret Magnarelli Uses Content to Bring Humanity ...

In just two years, Margaret Magnarelli, Managing Editor and Head of Content at Monster, has helped catapult the site’s viewership to 43 million unique visitors and 96 million pageviews in 2016 – an 18 percent increase over the previous year. Here, details on “How Now Wow” and her content philosophy, including why empathy is more important than ever when communicating with your audience.

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Visual Content Marketing 2017: Trends that Will Attract + Resonate with Your Audience

It’s only a few months into 2017, but brands are already making their presences known – in a big way. Concepts and visuals are stronger than ever in this year’s content marketing efforts. “We’re in a golden age of visuals, and content is king,” says Pam Grossman, Getty Images’ Director of Visual Trends. “2017 is all about images that are bold, impactful, and evocative.”

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Visual Thinking: Getty Explores the Power of Wonderlust

The inimitable Pam Grossman, Director of Visual Trends at Getty Images, recently delivered a fascinating talk called Wonderlust: Tapping Into the Boundless Beauty of Nature, in which she discussed the growing trend of travel, nature, and the world beyond in today’s most popular imagery.

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How The Infatuation Built a Passionate Community of Millions of ...

“It’s been a slow burn,” Steinthal says of The Infatuation’s success. “We’ve put in the time and work to consistently do whatever we can to get in front of new people to help us gradually grow.” Here, Steinthal, now Co-founder and CRO of The Infatuation and a #ThinkContent 2017 speaker, shares what they did to get it so right.