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Foc 2015 09 22 hero article

4 pearls of B2B wisdom from industry influencers

Navigating that evolution from a traditional B2B business model is a little trickier than simply throwing up a website on top of homegrown or cobbled-together back-end technology. Never fear, we’ve rounded some of the best pearls of wisdom from four B2B influencers to help motivate you when the going gets tough.

Millennials anastasia 1200x370 article

Do Millennials actually care about digital video marketing?

eMarketer estimates that by the end of this year, the number of millennials viewing digital videos will reach 77 million – 92% of all millennial internet users combined – and only continue to rise. Sure, the age group may be watching more videos than any other, and the numbers are certainly compelling – but, unfortunately, not the ones that matter.

Foc 2015 10 20 hero article

Nordstrom rocks e-commerce and invests in mobile expansion

Nordstrom is no stranger to innovation. For years, the company’s been ahead of the pack, consistently investing in technological and digital advancements as they become available, paired, of course, with a solid reputation for extraordinary customer experience and service. The result? Steady growth, outstanding levels of engagement, and success – lots and lots of it.

Foc 2015 rei hero article

Retailer REI gives Black Friday the boot with successful social campaign

The brilliant campaign is sending shockwaves through the industry with its (in this day and age) truly revolutionary standpoint: instead of shopping, go enjoy nature with your family and friends on your day off.

Main image 1200x370 article

5 retail tricks and treats for a successful Halloween

It’s a great excuse to have some fun, even at work, but there’s something more to it that gets people so truly excited and engaged. The National Retail Federation (NRF) has reported that more than 157 million Americans (that’s 64% of the population) anticipate celebrating in some way on the 31st, with spending expected to reach a cool $6.9 billion.

Foc 2015 10 01 b hero article

Your B2B customer experience: Time for a game plan

Increasingly accumulating and advanced data and technology are swiftly and continuously changing the customer experience environment as markets, business, needs, and regulations continue to evolve. It’s up to us to keep up and ahead of the curve if we want to be recognized as industry leaders – and successful ones at that.

B2b transformation anastasia 1200x370 article

Digital transformation begins with you (and your company culture ...

Accepting the reality, potential, and power of digital transformation is all well and good, but without advocating and committing to truly supporting change and innovation within your organization, youre not going to get very far. Its a matter that boils down to culture.

Instagram anastasia 1200x370 article

Instagram for B2B: The Time is Now

If you’ve been paying attention to the digital landscape, you know just how enormously significant Instagram is in terms of content creation and audience engagement. The social network has 400 million monthly active users around the world, and will have an estimated 106.2 million in the U.S. alone by 2018.